Tuition Fees

For special rates please see below.

Tuition FeesTuition Fees include :

* Comprehensive Course Manual

..and Repeat Privileges + Lifetime Membership

* Your International Silva Card, for unlimited free access* to re sit the seminar in any country where the seminar is taught (120 countries worldwide) as many times as you wish ! Refresh and update anytime anywhere !
* minimal participation fee $30 for the whole weekend.

We offer:

Silva Life System Course discount for
- Students (-26 years old)
- Second and following immediate family members residing at the same address
- E.I Beneficiaries
- New: 4 Days Special Student Discount for both courses when you Register in sequence to
Life System Course + Intuition Training & Life Purpose Course

Installed Payment Options:
- 3 Monthly payments are accepted.
- Credit Card
online only, page opens once you submit your completed Register
- or 3 Cheques

Payment Methods
- Payments shall be made on or before the course start date, at time of registration, by credit card, cheques or cash.
- Credit Card payments are accepted online through our secure website before the course start date, for payment
in full or in 3 monthly instalments.
* Please note that in class we will be able to process credit card for full payments only.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tuition Fees 2 Day Courses

- Silva Life System (SLS) --------------------------CAD$ 245 x 3 Monthly Payments Register
____________________________________OR 1 Payment 695.00 Tx included Register
_SIGN UP____________________________Student/Family $225 x 3 Monthly OR $ 645 Tx included Register
____________________________________Course Refresher fee 55 $ Register
____________________________________Purchase replacement Course Manual 18 $

* Special Rates, please check eligibility above.

- Silva Intuition Training & Life Purpose (SIS) - Regular Fees: 245 x 3 Monthly Payments OR 695 $ CAD Register
_____________________________________***Special discount when registered within the same session of _____________________________________ your 1st SLS Course: $ 225 x 3 Monthly OR $ 645 Tx included Register

_SIGN UP______________________________ Upgrade fee for past Silva Grads (before 2010) = 275 $
_____________________________________Course Refresher fee 55 $
_____________________________________Purchase replacement Course Manual 18 $

- ADVANCED COURSES: 695 $ Tx incl. (installments available) Advanced Course Refresher 65 $

- MIND-BODY HEALING 3.0 OCTOBER 15-16, with Laura Silva in person, 50th Anniversary Event !
Early Bird
$ 260 Cad x 3 months payment plan or $ 758 Cad Sign Up Now => Registration
- At the door, Regular fee: $ 805 Cad or 3 x 275 Monthly.
Discount family / couples $ 718 per participant (minimum of 2 participants).
Includes Course Manual, and Repeat Privileges.

Employers & Self-Employed:
Upon request, you will receive all necessary documents for Tuition Fees covered by Employers, as well as for Ministry of Education staff and teachers (ProD), and if you are self-employed.

Income Tax Deductions:
The expenses of continuing education, when taken to maintain and improve professional skills, may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for complete details.

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